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Contact Information:
Tina Lincoln
Secretary to the Superintendent, District Clerk
Ph (607)387-7551 ext. 4427
Fax (607)387-2880

General Information
Trumansburg Teachers Association Agreement
Trumansburg Support Staff Agreement
Trumansburg Leadership Association Agreement
Employee Registry for Emergency Contact Information
Sexual Harassment Policy
FMLA Policy and Federal Guidelines

COVID-19 Employee Information- New
Cayuga Health Screening Link for Employees (FAQs)
Department of Health Return to Work Guidelines
Trumansburg Central School District COVID Protocol for Staff (Flow Chart)
Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

WinCap Web Information
Employee General WinCap Web Overview

General Information for Entering Incremental Time in WinCap Web
Entering Incremental Time in WinCap Web (Sequence 1 & 2 Positions)
Questions regarding WinCap Web should be directed to Tina Lincoln

Payroll & Deductions Information
Changes to Tax Allowances/Exemptions
Address Change
2020-2021 Payroll & Benefits Calendar
10 & 12 Month Calendar
Direct Deposit

Health and Dental Insurance Information
Health and/or Dental Insurance Enrollment Form
2020-2021 Health and Dental Insurance Rates
Dental Insurance Dental Plan Overview
Health Insurance Waiver Form

Questions regarding Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance coverage
and deductibles should be directed to Valerie Willson, TST BOCES Benefits
Coordinator at (607)257-1555 ext. 1055 or

Flexible Spending Information
Open Enrollment November 2021
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Link to Paper Forms

Sick Bank Information
TTA Forms
Support Staff Forms

Retirement System Information
NYSTRS (Teacher)
NYSLRS (Employee)